Setting up a Valerus server to use HTTPS

Please find procedure below for installing Valerus with HTTPS.

1. Go to the service running on your taskbar if it is not showing up just search in the start menu for Application Server Utilities then it will open up in your taskbar. 

2. You will have to set the NVR to the same but it will be in with the NVR server Utilities.
3. Now you can connect your NVR with https in the software using the 443 port as the screenshot shows below.

4. You can use this article to set up a Redirect to Valerus in IIS since it is from Microsoft. (This is optional and only done on the App Server)

5. To install a security certificate you use this procedure listed it very good in explaining how to (this is required if the security certificate is used and only done on the App Server)

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