V92X Audio Cable wiring Mic input, Audio Output

V92x Cameras require a special Cable to support Audio connections for Microphone input and Audio output

Factory # is

V920D-AUDIO cable assembly is available as an option.

Audio In & Out Port
Audio Input and Output, 

Pictured here is the pin out arrangement of that cable.

The jack is a standard 3.5 mini phone jack with 2 hot conductors individually shielded
( aka stereo jack )

The shield is for each conductor and is important to eliminate buzz noise interference on the Audio signal.

The Microphone must be an Amplified Mic such as Louroue Verifact series.
https://www.louroe.com/product/verifact-a/  It requires external power, no power comes from the camera.

Photo of camera and factory cable ( and the audio input/output jack on the camera)

The manual notes the cable pin out . The factory cable notes the in and out 
Audio input ( yellow for the factory cable ) is for the Line level Microphone  , 
Audio output (red for factory cable) is for connection to an amplified speaker.
Shield is per each cable.

Camera Manual


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