V92x Series Cameras - (All Open Platform Cameras) naming method

The main/parent name that shows up in the ViconNet tree is the name that was created in the Nucleus Third party/Open platform setup under "Camera Name". This name is also referred to as the "Transmitter Name" in the Group Device Sets menu.

There is a second/child name that shows up in the ViconNet tree when the camera is selected. It is also known in ViconNet as the Device name. This name actually comes from the internal camera menu. In the V92X, V-Cell and CE series cameras that menu it is referred to as the Host Name. It is located in the menu under System/Network/Basic - Host Name Configuration.

There is another name in the internal camera menu called "Device Name". It is located in the menu under System/Information - Device Name Configuration. This name is not used anywhere in ViconNet. It only shows up in the Smart Manager under "Name"

This methodology will be different in other manufacturers cameras but the functionality is the same in this regard.

If the device name is changed after the cache (XML) file has been created. The name change will not show up in ViconNet until ViconNet is restarted twice. If that doesn't work then the other option is to close ViconNet and go to C: ViconNet/Vndata and delete the Cache folder or the specific XML file for the camera(s) in question. This would need to be done on every ViconNet or VMDC machine in the system.

V920, V921, V922, v923, V-Cell, CE

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