V92X, V-Cell, SN663, SN680 and all CE Camera series cameras - Communication write failure error seen on web page

Reported issue where the camera will become unavailable in ViconNet. Then when browsing into the web page of the camera you may get a screen that says Communication write failure. In some cases the camera is simply unresponsive. A reboot of the camera by cycling the power will temporarily solve the issue for an unpredictable amount of time.

Based on the release note:
ONVIF and web service lock up
In some cases, camera that had multiple clients polling events from the cameras caused the camera ONVIF and web services to lock up resulting in a communication error message when trying to access the camera. This has been addressed. Reports of lockup on extreme load are still under investigation.

This problem has been corrected and more information can be found at:


V920, V921, V922, V923, CE102, CE202

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