V92X, V-Cell, SN663, SN680 and all CE Camera series cameras - cannot discover with Smart Manger

SYMPTOM: V92X camera connected to a Cisco switch and or router. Smart Manager does not discover the dome nor does the default IP address of the camera respond to a ping. The red led in the camera is always lit. (note this led should only light during the initialization phase and then go out). The green led should stay lit always. Once the dome is removed from the Cisco switch and connected directly to a PC via a non-Cisco switch or POE injector, the problem is resolved.

CAUSE: The assumption for now is that the Proxy Arp feature in the Cisco switch is answering the cameras request to use a specific IP via Zero Configuration. The answer from the switch appears to the camera that the IP is already in use. Therefore the camera tries to request the next IP address in the special 169 IP range only for the switch to again answer in use. So the camera never gets finished initializing. Click attachments for a session screenshot from Wireshark that shows the issue.

WORKAROUND: Connect a PC to the camera directly with either a POE injector or will require local power on the camera. (must be isolated from the network/switch in question). Run the Smart Manager, once the camera is discoverable (red light in camera goes off), go into the menu - System/Network and Disable Zero Configuration in the camera and Save. Then reconnect the camera to the Cisco switch.

For more information about Zero configuration or Proxy Arp, please see below.


V920, V921, V922, v923

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