ViconNet AVI or H.264 export error - The picture resolution changed while creating the AVI

ViconNet AVI or H.264 Export error - The picture resolution changed while creating the Export

ViconNet AVI export error ' ERROR: The picture resolution changed while creating the AVI, Cannot create the AVI' occurs if the ViconNet data / video resolution changes during recording.
This can occur if the 'Picture Quality and FPS priority' is left at 'highest requested quality' and someone connects to the camera while it is recording, which can effect the Auto-record setting.
Suggest to the customer to 'uncheck' the Highest requested quality' and give auto-record a priority of 1

This how the problem can occur as when the following is done.
EX: Autorecord set to Q5 , max fpx, Normal
I then select/view the cam locally or over then network full screen.
The Quality would then change to what the display asks for, such as Q1 if the cam is full screen.
This will change the quality on recording, effecting not only the AVI export as noted, but also can change the available record duration.
You'll have to break your .avi in half (at least)...before the change and after the'll have to 'watch' the video for the change so that you know the time point to 'break' the avi at.
IP Cams setting are basically the same.
Since the ip cams don't have Autorecord, Autorecord priority won't have any effect.
An interaction has to be understood and explained.
The user/macro is on the same 'line ' on the priority settings. Set this to ' 1' for picture Q and fps.
Uncheck highest requested Q and FPS boxes. Uncheck all other boxes re: user priority.
The interaction is as follows: when setting the Picture Q & FPS correctly to prevent the ' resolution change '.
If the macro starts first, then any user that comes in to view the cam after cannot change the fps or Q.
If the macro is stopped, and user comes in first, then the user would have priority.
If the macro is started while the user is viewing, the rec macro would get the Q & fps the user has when viewing.
When the user stops viewing ,the record macro settings would then take over.
From then on the macro has control and any user that comes in would not effect recording.
as long as the record macro is always running.

- Web View / Web Server . ver 6.x
The Web Viewer can request different resolutions from the cameras.
This would only occur on ViconNet based cameras, such as SVFT ip dome,V910, KTX4 etc and Kollectors with local analog cams.
Some details to consider:
These cameras / devices have an attribute setting directly in its ViconNet setting ' highest requested fps and quality ' and can be changed as is detailed in the KB Kenny sent you.
This happens interactively depending on the screen layout being displayed EX: single camera full screen requests highest Quality,Quad 6, 9 etc request lower quality.
Ionyx IP cams and many third party IP cameras are not effected by the Web Viewer.
These cameras will provide quality and fps on the recording based ( and viewing ) on the requested stream ( quality request in ViconNet )
Essentially the camera will provide the streams the camera has, mostly they have 2 streams ( Ex; V960) . The stream itself would not vary in Quality or FPS.
The Quality and FPS in these cameras is set in the STREAM settings in the camera.
Users viewing the cameras will get the stream most closely related to the quality requested from ViconNet.
The camera would not ' change ' its quality and fps on the recording by viewing.

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