Adam Config Utility

In some circumstances, when adding multiple Adam Box Interfaces to ViconNet, not all of the Sensor inputs are shown. The Adam Config Utility will fix this automatically when run and can also be used to Edit or Add further units.


When run the Adam Config Utility will automatically reconfigure any existing Adam config files that it finds and these will be displayed in the window as shown. If the IP addresses are correct this is all that needs to be done and the utility can be closed by clicking the End button.
You MUST restart ViconNet in order for the changes to take effect!

Additionally the utility can be used to simply Add or Edit Adam units without using the ViconNet menus. The Delete button should only be used on the recommendation of Tech support as this will remove ALL controls and not just Adams Boxes. This is intended as a "start from scratch" approach and any removed controls can be re-entered via ViconNet.

When ViconNet is restarted, all available sensors should now be shown.

The Adam Config Utility can be download below - Windows Admin privileges assumed.


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