ViconNet V8.X - Changes to Archive Wizard

Regarding changes in the Archiving Wizard starting in ViconNet 8.0

Prior to V8.0, the Archive Wizard screen would bring up a list of recorders (NVR's and DVR's) accordingly. Then you would need to choose which recorder you wanted and expand the list that would show you which cameras were recorded.

Starting in V8.0, the Archive Wizard screen will show you a list of all edge devices from the live site tree list. It no longer will show you the recorders themselves. So in this case you simply select the cameras you want to archive with no regard to which recorder was used to record them.

Note that in V8.0 the Archive Wizard only allowed you to select up to 24 hours of recording for any given camera. If more time is required then you would have to use the standard Playback navigator method for archiving and not the Archive Wizard method. In V8.1.21 this has been corrected and now you can select any amount of time.



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