Creating custom directory and file formats for FTP transfers

You can use your own path rather than the pre-defined ones for FTP file parameters.  You need to set it using a HTTP URL to set the Object IDentifier. (OID) OID's are the internal variables that we use to configure the cameras.

The OIDs to configure are:
8.1.3.trigger -- ftp trigger file spec
8.1.4.trigger -- ftp trigger path

You can see the current values of all OID's by issuing the URL http://<camera_ip>/oidtable.html.

To set the values you want, use the syntax

Dynamic variables may be used within entries to certain text fields. These variables will be replaced with the appropriate values, as in the table below.

Note that in the camera itself, in the Setup \> Events \> Destination, if you click on the '?' near the FTP setting, the help window will make reference to all dynamic variables.

Dynamic Variable Value:
$SH Your camera’s hardware address.
$SI Your camera’s IP address.
$SN Your camera’s name, as specified on the Basic Setup page.
$ST The current time (in 24-hour format: HH:MM:SS, ex: 16:05:20).
$SD The current date (ex: Wed Feb 03 2010).
$SC Company name.
$SP Product name.
$SV The version of operating software on your camera.
$SM The domain name, as specified on the Network Settings page.
$FN The name of the file that your camera is accessing.

You may need to experiment a bit to get exactly what you are looking for, but this should allow you to completely control the naming of the resulting files.

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