How to stop being prompted for VLC Player when going to my camera web page

The current firmware resolves the issue where the user is prompted  to install VLC player each time that the camera web page is accessed via a browser.

The firmware is at this link (locate the specific model in the list):

If firmware has already been upgraded and issue persists, there may be two versions of VLC Player installed.  In this case, it is necessary to remove them all, delete the IQeye Active X Component, reboot the PC and do a 'clean' install of the latest version of VLC Player.

Sounds like a lot but really it's easy. So, here is the order:

  1. Go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and remove any versions of VLC player.
  2. Delete Active X compents from PC. Look in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and delete any files that say 'iqweb.ocx' if there is a folder that says 'conflict' then it might need to be deleted too, (or these can be moved to a temporary directory if in doubt).
  3. Reboot PC
  4. Go to and install new version of VLC (so basically do this BEFORE opening the browser on the camera).
  5. When the camera browser is opened this first time, the user will be prompted to install the Active X component. Please install that.
  6. The first time the camera is accessed via the browser, the user might still get prompted to install VLC player, just click cancel. It should stop the next time the browser is opened.
  7. Current versions of VLC Player seem to do a better job of removing the older versions, so this should not be an issue with future versions of VLC Player.
  8. If issues persist, please contact the support team.
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    Kevin Penney

    tried this procedure twice. two identical M32N cameras, one will display H.264 with VLC, one continually prompts to install VLC. This fix did not work.

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    Colleen Callaghan

    Above user contacted the support team and issue was resolved. 

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