IQ series cameras - SD Card recommendation

IQeye cameras can use microSD cards for local data storage.  Cameras with these cards installed support functionality like Direct To Storage (DTS) and Edge servers.  

IQeye cameras are compatible with 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128GB capacity memory cards.  Note that 64 and 128 GB cards require IQeye firmware V4.0/050 or higher.

In order to guarantee correct operation, SD cards used in IQeye cameras must meet the following requirements:

  • The card must have a Class 10 speed rating.
  • The card must have a UHS Speed Class 1.  (This is the number shown inside a small circle or a "U" character.)

Unfortunately, the speed class rating by itself does not totally characterize card performance. Class 10 and UHS Class 1 cards have a minimum data transfer rate of 10 MB/s but can have different characteristics when dealing with erasing data, file system support and bad block detection and replacement. Because different cards of the same class may vary considerably Vicon only supports specific SD cards.  


Recommended SD cards

The approved list of micro SD cards includes: 

  • microSDHC: SanDisk Extreme 8GB and 16GB
  • microSDXC: SanDisk Extreme 16GB, 32GB and 64GB

Vicon will continue to add manufacturers and card models to this list as they pass our qualification testing.  Check back regularly for additions and updates.


Unsupported SD cards

  • Vicon has found that Kingston memory cards will not function properly in IQeye cameras.


General Purchasing Recommendations

Due to a very large number of counterfeit SD cards in the market, Vicon recommends that you purchase SD cards through reputable resellers.  If you are not sure about your card, please run the H2testw SD card test to verify the card functionality.

Use care when handling memory cards. Avoid liquids, dust and debris.  

Always power off the camera before inserting or removing the card.

Check manufacturer guidelines regarding use in acceptable temperature ranges.


Added noted: 8/16/17

Sentinal 8712

SD Card and USB - Can the USB on the camera be used for external storage?

- Per Engineering On the 12MP camera the USB interface is currently not supported by firmware.

Can ViconNet  / Valerus access that USB storage? 

Can ViconNet / Valerus access the SD card?

- Per Engineering, no the VMS noted cannot access the recordings at this time

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