Agent Vi not displaying images

Installing Agent Vi in IQeye cameras simply requires installing the the IQ_Agent_nnn.n.n.iqa application file (available from the Agent Vi partner portal) using the security settings camera web page and then "Starting" the app in the applications web page.  No other camera based configuration is required.

Once the Agent Vi application has been started the browser frame in the applications tab should display images and the Agent Vi code will display statistics information.  

If no images are being displayed the most likely reason is that the camera's configured image streams are utilizing all of the available encoding resources.  This can result in the Agent Vi application not getting image data.  Use the URL http://<camera_ip>/sysinfo.cgi will display the resources being used for encoding:

   Main H.264 Resolution:1280x720 Bitrate:3000kbps
       I frames:172409 size:73322
       P frames:4999853 size:13499
       31 frames 3706kbps last second
Second JPEG Resolution:1280x720 Quality:60
       frames:5172259 size:91459
      30 frames 22175kbps last second
Encode resources:44.1% 44.1%

If the sum of the "Encode resources" is very close to 100% the Agent Vi application is likely being starved.  To correct this configuration the camera's streams configuration must be adjusted.  Change the secondary and tertiary streams to lower resolutions or frame rates until the Agent Vi application works correctly.

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