How to Enable General Protection & Change General Protection Password in IQmanager

By default, IQeye cameras do not require that a password be entered to view the live stream. Enabling 'General Protection' on the camera will force a password to be entered before being able to view the stream.

When enabling the General Protection setting, the username is 'login' and the default password is 'access'. The username can't be changed, but the password can be changed.

Once General Protection is enabled and the password is changed, it is highly recommended that the default Management password also be changed from 'system' to something else. Again, the username of 'root' cannot be changed.

To enable the access password navigate to the Security Settings web page and enter the password you would like to use in the "Change General Password" box.  Then enable the "General Protection" field.  You will immediately get an authentication pop-up dialog box asking you to enter the new credentials.  Please enter "login" as the username and the password you just created.  

NOTE: Please write down passwords as they are changed. Once locked out of the camera, the only way to get back in is to do a full factory default from the physical body of the camera. Also, it is recommended that the cameras have recent firmware.


If you need to modify a number of cameras to enable the general protection password the easiest way to do this is via IQmanager.

Overview of the steps:

  1. Download IQmanager from the Vicon web site, and install on your system.
  1. In IQmanager, use the 'Search Local' button or from the menu) select Tools | Add camera to manually add the cameras.

  2. Once the camera(s) have been added, please read over this tech tip, which reviews what OID's are and how to view the OID table in the camera.

  1. Here is the order that the OIDs will be edited:

a. OID 2.9 - the 'value' field will be set to 'enabled' (General Protection has just been enabled)
b. OID 2.2 - the 'value' field will be set to your new password (General Protection password has now been changed).
c. OID 2.3 - (optional step to change the Management password) the 'value' field will be set to your new Management password (make this different than General Protection password if two levels of security are needed).

d. As the commands are issued, please watch the lower left hand corner of IQmanager. There is information there that indicates if the command is successful.
e. Test new passwords by going to the camera live web page and trying a username of 'login'.  Enter the new General Protection password (set in step 'b').
f.  Once the camera web page has been accessed, select the 'setup' button, when prompted, enter 'root' as the username and the Management password (set in step c or previously, etc).

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