Email Setup from ViconNet when NVR , WS , goes offline

Example Question:

An NVR went down, how would an email notification from ViconNet be setup to notify someone ?

Please review below regarding email notification setup on the Nucleus.

Link to manual for full details.

Quick notes to setup

The Nucleus keeps track of the status of systems,
If an NVR, DVR or even a WS goes offline the Nucleus flags / pops up a CFN

With this CFN on the Nucleus an Email can be linked to a ' CFN Effects ' notification.
The email used must go through and SMTP server first, then it relays that to the person on email notification setup in Email Macro on the Nucl

examples in Viconnet
Email Macro Setup  ( must Setup Email&Texting Settings first )

CFN effects in ViconNet

ViconNet needs to have the SMTP setup to relay email through.


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