ViconNet - Display Macro on Alarm - Using Related device Macro

This KB reviews how to setup a display macro for specific cameras when the camera has an Alarm. The Alarm from the Camera would be a Motion or Sensor from the Camera.

This is a simpler means of setting this up and works well for most users.
- any camera that has an alarm can invoke the ' Related device display Macro'. 
- This uses External Alarm on a licensed WS , Nucleus or NVR ( n/a on Viewer )

(A more advanced setup not covered here is using Event Management where a specific camera alarm is related to a specific display macro )

This setup will display ONLY the camera that had its local alarm/trigger activated.

Steps: to use Related Device macro ( Display Macro )

This Example is using a Send Alarm Macro from NVR to the WS that needs to display cameras on Alarm.

1- NVR that is recording the cameras 

- The cameras will need motion or a sensor setup to trigger an alarm

- On the NVR Enable External Alarm and relate / link that to this macro...

- Create a Send Alarm Macro - destination is WS you need the alarm and popups to occur on.

2- On the WS that is get pop-ups of cameras

- Enable External Alarm, then relate/ link to this macro

- Create Display Macro, select " Push to Insert Related Devices ", Duration xx seconds, Expanded View if needed.


How this works:

NVR is recording specific cameras. Motion or Sensor alarms are setup. Alarm event occurs in camera.
NVR receives that event via the External Alarm setup on it. This External Alarm is linked to the
" Send Alarm Macro " setup on the NVR. A WS has been designated as the destination in that Macro.
The WS has External Alarm enabled and a Display Macro with ' INSERT RELATED DEVICE " has been setup 
and gets activated from the Camera Alarm event that came from the NVR.


Other notes;  The WS under Setting / Alarms can be enabled to create a bookmark of each alarm that comes in. This will then be viewable under Reports. The WS will need to have the ( preferred ) native SQL that is optional install with Viconnet since Bookmarking and Event Management relies on this.

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