ViconNet Web Viewer - How to setup viewing on Safari on Mac

Below is tested on latest Mac OS ( Sierra 10.12.4  ) and Safari

The key entry is entering  “ index.html “ at end of the IP Address , examples below

In safari one needs to add manually the index.html i.e https://ipofviconnetweb/index.html Also silver light will have to be downloaded and installed manually not through the Vicon's web server which provides only installation for windows thus in case using mac.  

1.Visit the Silverlight site that you want to allow to run.

2.Select Preferences from the Safari menu.

3.Select the Security tab from the preferences screen.

4.Select the Managed Website Settings button in the lower-right corner.

5.Select Silverlight on the left side. If it is not found, verify that you are navigated to the correct site, and that site uses Silverlight.

6.At the pull-down for your site, click Run in Unsafe Mode.










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