Express DVR - Audio Input notes and operation and ViconNet

Below explains Express DVR cameras and audio recording.

Included is how ViconNet will interact with the Express in particular related to Audio.


1)- The Express DVR will allow you to setup and record 4 audio(mic) inputs

( Audio-1  / Audio-2   Audio-3 Audio-4 ) then associate those with a specific camera or cameras. 

The Microphone needs to be Line Level output such as a Louroe Verifact series.

Wiring Note: 

Audio1 and 2 is on a single jack - Tip is Audio-1 / Ring is Audio-2 / Sleeve is Ground

Audio3 and 4 is on a single jack - Tip is Audio-3 / Ring is Audio-4 / Sleeve is Ground

For more info about wiring a tip and ring jack please see

This associated camera / microphone recording can then be played back by the Express Web Page by simply selecting the ' channel ' ( camera ) play and enabling the little speaker icon.

*Note: The Web Page will only support Live listening of Audio-1 input. 


2) ViconNet itself will ONLY be able to listen and record to Audio-1 input from the Express unit.

Also there is no method of associating the Audio-1 input to a specific camera.

Any of the cameras from the Express can be recorded in ViconNet.


3) IF , from ViconNet , you need to playback a camera/mic recorded on the Express unit, you can right click any of the cameras in ViconNet, select Edge Playback, which will the display the web page noted above from the Express unit.

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