Express Encoder Mode Setup Guide

Setting the Express unit in Encoder mode is recommended when the Express is going to be connected to a separate VMS such as ViconNet or Valerus for viewing and recording. This mode will disable local recording in the Express regardless of whether it has a Hard drive or not. When setting it up please follow the steps below. It is Important to follow all the steps to ensure setup is correct. 

 Encoder Mode Setup for Express 8/16 Units 

In order for Encoder mode to work correctly it will require running the following firmware versions, this information can be found in the System Setup / System Information screen.
Express-8 - 29210.1.103600.96.nbn (or higher)
Download from -
EXpress-16 - 29310.1.103600.96.nbn (or higher)
Download from -

1. Turn off unit, remove drive (optional)
2. Power the unit, note that it may give an error or beep regarding the missing drive and ask if you still want to start
3. Go into System Management (shown below)
4. Set for Encoder mode - by default this is 'OFF'. Set to ON and the system will reboot.

5. On Restart the system should NOT beep or notify about a missing drive and Video is should stream to the ViconNet system without a HDD.

6. The Continuous Recording still MUST be enabled on Express along with Encoder "ON"
If recording is disabled no cameras will stream on the network. 

7. Setup the Schedule as continuous please follow the procedure below. 

Enable the schedules as shown below.


Lastly it is important to note that if the unit is set to Auto-sync time, the unit will stop providing video during the time of the time sync update. Therefore it is important to either disable this or schedule at a time that has the least impact on this 60-90 second loss of recording.

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