HD Express - Express DVR - Export AVI using iPIMS - plays in Windows

 This is a brief KB regarding how to Export video from an Express or HD Express to play in Windows Media Player. ( VLC etc not required )

This will only work using iPIMS. ( export from the Express units will NOT play in Windows Media player )

Install IPIMS, connect to Express or HD Express, Setup iPIMS for viewing then playback.

Select a camera, Backup Start / End Time, Camera. Backup, Destination.

Browse to folder then copy the  " cameraname-xx.avi " to any windows machine.

This export will play directly in Windows Media Player.

Below is a screen that shows IPIMS Backup, playback of Cam7 , the Backup util ,
the " Cam7 2017-08-15....avi " file and Windows Media Player playing the AVI.


IPIMS download found here:

 software-download-blue-outline-icon iPIM multi-site software for HDExpress ( – Feb 18, 2016 (30.19 MB)
This software allows you to connect to multiple HDExpress NVRs from a single GUI.

 software-resource-download-blue-outline-icon Release Notes for iPIM – Feb 18, 2016 (38.83 KB)
Please read these release notes before downloading and installing the iPIM software


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