v1500x Keypad basic setup

Please refer to the installation manual attached for complete procedures.

Basic setup of v1500x keypad:

Plug into network.

On keypad press Mode button.

On display:

Press setup.

Press Keypad Addressing.

Set to 2.

Back out.

Press Comm Settings

Select RS-422.

Select BPS Select.

Set for 57.6kbps

Back out.

Select RS-232.

Set # of data bits to 8.

Stop bits to 1

Parity bits to None.

Back out.

Set Network Mode to Ethernet Mode.

Select Set Workstation IP addresses.

Setup the IP addresses of each workstation. Note the WS number.

Back out all the way.

Check the dip switch setting on the bottom of the unit. May be located under a stick on cover.

SW 1     _      _  _  _

                _              _  _  _

            1  2   3  4  5  6  7  8

SW 2 Set to the right. ------->

On the keypad numeric pad press mode, on display press either Virtual Matrix Mode or ViconNet mode (depending whether you are connecting to a VMDC or a WS) then press shift key, then enter the WS # (ex. 1) then Workstation Select button on screen.

Button should change to a red [QP 1m] and it should connect on the bottom of display.

Once connected press Monitor key, enter monitor secondary ID (for VMDC) or 0 (for ViconNet mode), press Quad, enter the number of display grids you want then Quad again, press Camera key, enter camera secondary ID then Camera key again. 




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