V1500X-SCCS - loses connection when tilting PTZ downward

Scenario: V1500X-SCCS controlling a VMDC via Ethernet. Everything works fine except when PTZ is tilted down. When the joystick is tilted down it causes the keypad to go Searching for host...Please Stand By (loses connection to VMDC).
To connect it again you must reselect the workstation from the keypad. Then once you tilt the joystick down again same problem occurs.

Solution: In the Lantronix network setup software, under the connection tab there is a place where you choose Telnet settings/Common Options: Telnet Com Port Cntrl: Disabled

If Telnet is Enabled it will cause this problem. It must be Disabled as indicated in the XX201-03-00 Rev 511 manual on page 10.

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