VAX Tip - How to keep Panels connected after a Panel Update


Vax and Panel setup to Maintain panel connect after a Panel Update

ISSUE one may encounter:

When I update panels, the panel resets and does not come back online .. it loses the server IP. I can browse direct to the panel and it shows server ip as I update it to the correct IP and it comes back online. It does this everytime i send an update to the panel. any correction for this ?


Refer to attached " vax and panel setup to maintiain panel connect.docx "
Several areas have to line up .
Assuming this is a network where DNS is not used for networking ( typically is not )

**In the VAX server**
1- System Settings enter IP of the VAX server ( Default would have been the PC Name )
2- Edit Panel… set connection mode Static ( panel should be set this way) and IP etc of the Panel

IN THE PANEL ( acccess its web page)
3- Finally the Panel configuration below should be set as noted.

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