ViconNet - KS disk boot error - insert boot disk - may need Bios update

Kollector Strike may not boot, Stops at ' Insert Boot Disk ' or similar message.

Fix: Bios update. Please read this entire KB

Example machine version
pn 996110
sn 513189
mc 4378-081911

The " WADE-8656" motherboard is in them..
These DVR need a bios update to keep this from happening.

A ' temporary ' fix would be to remove all HDD from front panel EXCEPT the OS drive, in upper left corner.
On boot the system will only see that drive and should start to boot. If it does then power down,
reinsert all of the drives and reboot, the OS should boot and see all of its drivess.

The fix is a Bios update by USB Flash Drive that needs to be sent to the site and following the attached screenshot procedure

Below is the most up to date Bios ver that is available for these motherboards. There is a part # now. If you have a unit is display a boot up issue
check to see if it has this Bios ver.

For WADE 8656 USB Bios - R1.00.W0
PN to order 1240347115 / R1.00.W0

For WADE 8012 USB Bios - R1.00.E0
PN to order - 1240576506 / R1.00.E0

Both files can be downloaded at

But please note that they will need to be unzipped and then placed onto  bootable media in order to use.

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