VAX - Adding Holiday schedules


Need to properly setup Holidays to lock a door that is normally unlocked.
May need card access though. Any specific setting that is needed? 
And how do the doors get time/ date sync’d to be sure this works?


The first aspect on holidays is that it can be broken down into user holiday groups and door holiday groups. 

In order to setup holiday you would first need to configure a holiday door group, give it a name. Afterwards you need to configure a holiday under the holiday icon, this allows you to then name the holiday and assign it to your group. On the user subsection uncheck both of the checkboxes as you only want to change the state of the doors regardless of user privileges.  In order to change the time schedule head over to the door holiday time zone, add a new zone and then configure the schedule to whatever you perfer. Once that is completed head to the door icon and modify the door holiday group with the name of the group you first made. In order to test that your holiday works it is best to set the holiday day as the current day and modify all settings accordingly to test the doors states changes to whatever you wish. Once verifies it does work change back to the real holiday schedules. 

Another way this can be achieved much easier is by using a door one time run zone, this allows you to run a time time event that can change the state of the door or doors with whatever time you prefer. This will not take the users into effect, just the door.



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