VAX- Door won't unlock with valid card read


VAX- Door won't unlock - door held open report on inline list. 

This was found on a new installation, but could also occur on existing install.

System has VAX ODM (TDM would have same issue) with door setup

Example: System has 6 doors , 2 of the doors have issues.

Card read wouldn’t open / trigger the door strike output ( output 1 )

The door unlock can be overrode manually so the output is ok.

The card read is acknowledged on the inline report in VAX and card was granted access but the actual door strike was not activating.

The door contact was setup for NC but the contact had not been wired so it was in door hold open state. This will cause the output 1 door strike not to activate.
(* if the contact fails where it doesn't work right this issue could also occurs)



Once the actual door contact was wired and contact is closed , then the card read would operate the door strike.

DETAILS- other options:
If its needed that the door strike is to activate while the door is held open is to disable the option "Lock After Door Open" which is on the Options tab of the Edit Door screen. When working correctly, this feature reduces the chances of a door "bouncing" or closing incorrectly when the latch on the lockset hits the door strike while its closing.

Lock after door open option. Enable this option


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