V-Cell-HD-B - How to enable Two Way audio ( listen & talkback )

This kb is regarding " V-Cell-HD-B - How to enable Two Way audio ( listen & talkback ) "

Noted for the V-Cell-HD-B  Product code 1014507  (3/28/18)

Camera will support full duplex audio.  Illustration is for operation by IE. 


  1. From IE ( a plug-in is required to operate the camera by browser hence use IE 11 )
  2. Connect to camera set IP etc
  3. Enable audio in camera and full duplex
  4. Connect speakers on pc and a microphone on the same PC
  5. On main web page of the camera is a speaker and mic Icon with sliders.
  6. Simply enable each, you can view, listen and talk back to the camera.

Link for manual


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