VMDC - V8.1.X - RX monitor loses camera text / title

CONDITION: The camera names / titles that appear on the RX monitors intermittently disappear. This only started occurring after an upgrade to V8.1. 

REASON: ViconNet by default will stream video via UDP. The condition is caused by dropped network packets or a slow network connection. This would be similar to satellite television where at times the picture breaks and pixelates.

Prior to V8.1, these conditions would cause the video to freeze and wait for the next reference picture. This in turn could also cause gaps in the recording on the ViconNet NVR.

In V8.1, we now just display what we receive and the tearing that you may see are the lost packets. As opposed to the scene freezing up and/or lost recording data during those times as in previous versions. 

During the loss of frames the titles will be removed from the screen. Once the new frames are received the video is updated but the title mechanism is not because it's not treated as a new connection.

WORKAROUND: You can temporarily resolve the issue by recalling the camera either manually or via scheduled display macros that renew the connection to the camera. But the problem will occur again.

Or you can choose to downgrade to a lower version of the software such as V8.0 but important to note that there will be a loss of features that were exclusive to V8.1.

SOLUTION: Engineering is working on a permanent solution for future version of software.

In regard to the ViconNet application this is also explained at https://vicon-security.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210376066-ViconNet-V8-1-X-missing-packet-causes-tearing-video



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