SVFT - RoHs vs Non-RoHS PCBs - Vicoax mode

Note that symptoms include loss of PTZ mode pertaining to Vicoax mode.

The information in this addendum updates the information in XX134-0x. It explains changes to the PC boards that may impact operation.
The PC boards (both Customer Interface board and main board) on the SurveyorVFT Camera Dome have been updated to be RoHS compliant (identified as blue board; previous boards were green).This may cause some compatibility and functionality issues when mixing blue and green boards.
The blue main board (drive mechanism board) has a new flash chip; therefore the flash code software is different. Be sure to follow the instruction in the Flash Upgrade manual XX134-1x.
The change from green to blue main board when used with a green Customer Interface board (CIB) affects only the On-Screen Display (OSD). The compass and azimuth titles are displayed differently and can be corrected; the date title is not displayed correctly and cannot be corrected. The internal real time clock and scheduling are correct and updated, but not on the OSD; this can be corrected by resetting the defaults, but be aware that all parameters will be reset. The use of a green main board with a blue CIB again only affects the OSD. The time/date, compass and azimuth titles are displayed in the wrong position, date title is not displayed at all and enabling azimuth title is displayed incorrectly. To avoid this and display titles correctly, an “Install Defaults” must be performed, which will reset all settings of the dome; all parameters will have to be manually reset.
The blue Customer Interface board now includes a jumper that is used to set AC/DC coupled video. Some units may have a combination (green and blue) main board and customer interface board. The jumper location should be set correctly at the factory for proper operation. However, if boards are swapped out, it may be necessary to change the location of jumper JP4 for proper functionality. If both boards are blue, the unit should be set for AC; if the customer interface board is blue and the main board is green it should be set for DC. A green customer interface board does not have the jumper, so nothing is required. Refer to the Table and Figure that follow for settings. A symptom that the jumper is in the wrong location is that in Vicoax mode and UTP versions the dome will have no control or poor video. With any mix of blue and green boards, a PTZ Timeout error message may occur when attempting to control the dome; an “Install Defaults” on the dome clears the Timeout and control is normal.

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