ViconNet or VMDC - Camera video seems to change on its own - brighter or darker


ISSUE: Camera Brightness or  contrast changes on VMDC for V92x cameras.

This example is related to VMDC and V92x cameras. Potentially could occur on ViconNet and other IP Cameras that utilize stream settings for picture settings, brightness, contrast, color. Picture to bright overexposed most commonly seen.

This is a specific interaction that can occur between Picture setting option in ViconNet and the Camera.
This is not related to any other possible issues effecting the video of the camera.

When VMDC or ViconNet is displaying a camera, example V923d and the Picture button on ViconNet is activated to change brightness, contrast, color OR Factory Default is clicked on, this will change the camera internal settings. Once this is done the correct values ( defaults ) in the camera cannot be set back easily. The Cameras local web page settings would have to be accessed then set to the defaults for the camera.

FIX / Workaround:
Recommend to create a separate user group in Site Authorization and ' uncheck ' the Action " Picture & set default" . this will prevent user from changing the picture values of the camera in VMDC / ViconNet.


Examples of what occurs , screenshots

  • V923 settings / defaults before changes from VMDC

  • VMDC camera video with camera defaults


  • V923 after Brightness setting changed after “ Picture “ slider is moved in ViconNet

The Brightness Slider setting in ViconNet has no direct correlation in the camera
and cannot be used to set the camera back to the default values the camera has.


To prevent ViconNet from changing the camera Picture settings,
a User Group in Site Authorization would be setup disabling the Picture option.
Add the users for that User Group ( this is done on the Nucleus )

Login as Jeff, Picture option not available.







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