SN118 & SN220 Series (HD PTZ domes) - how to upgrade firmware to V6.X to V7.X

Since V6.XX firmware was not able to be recognized by VNsetup, the upgrade must be done via the web browser through the Maintenance page using an fsimage file. 

1. Download V7.1.15 FSImage from
2. Go into the cameras browser to the Maintenance page. Note that Internet Explorer version 11 will not work correctly, we recommend IE9 or 10.
3. Click the Browse tab in the New Firmware tab and chose the fsimage file you downloaded above. The upgrade should take approximately 2-3 minutes and the dome should come back on line.
4. Once the dome is running at V7.1.15, confirm that the dome now shows up in latest Vnsetup program. 

Also attached are version release notes for reference.

(SN118 SN220 Surveyor)

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