How to playback video that was recorded to a Micro-SD device using DTS

Direct to storage

To access the Micro-SD card directly for playback of the video from a browser.
    IQ series cameras
    Browse to it at http://<camera ip>/sdcard
    A webpage/file directory will be displayed and you will need to navigate to the desired folder.
    See attachment named IQ - Index of SD Card  - edge playback.pdf
    Find the one with the proper date/time you are looking for.
    The recordings will be in 15 minute increments with extensions names of dts.H264.  
    You can then open them with VLC player or alike to playback the video.
    VLC player can be downloaded from

    V92X, C-Cell, SN663, SN680 and all CE camera series
    Browse to it at http://<camera ip>/playback/playback.php
    A webpage will be displayed with full play back control capability.


If using a ViconNet system and want to utilize edge playback. It will be necessary to Enable Edge playback in the Open Standard Camera setup in ViconNet on the Nucleus machine. Please see attached screen shots for proper setup.

Note: In order for playback times to be correct. Please make sure the time/date/zone is set correctly in the camera settings menu. We recommend using an NTP  server to ensure accuracy.

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