VAX Did You Know ? - VAX has a Responsive Web Design Created for Today’s Mobile World

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Responsive Web is a web design approach that provides the user with an optimal viewing and interaction experience with minimum resizing, panning or scrolling across a wide range of web-enabled devices.

Whether on a PC monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone using Microsoft HTML5, Vicon’s VAX web-based interface offers a user-friendly visual interaction with proper sizing on your screen of choice.

The screen layout automatically adjusts to the viewing area of your device.For PC environments, there are no web-browser ActiveX controls to install, and for web-enabled phones and tablets, no apps to download and install.

Normal web browsing and remote connections to applications or sites with other products often require the user to use scroll bars to move up, down and across, as well as to pan in just to read the text. In a security situation this can prove costly.

If you want to get a sense of how the screen will adjust its viewing based on the device or screen size, Google Chrome offers tools for this purpose.

Open Google Chrome and log into your VAX interface. Press F12 and the screen will go into a split view. In the lower view (upper left corner) you will see a small icon that looks like a smartphone; if it is not already selected (blue), click on it. Now in the upper view, you will see a dropdown list that allows you to Select Device. Choose one and the upper browser view will now display its adjusted layout in Responsive Web.

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