VAX Did You Know ?- Multiple Card Format Support

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VAX Supports Multiple Card Formats

So you’ve come across a site or customer that already has proximity cards or fobs being
used and issued with their existing system. They are either unhappy with their existing
system or looking to replace it, hopefully with Vicon’s VAX access control system.
By supporting the industry standard along with several other custom formats the VAX
system can easily replace a system without the usual huge accompanying cost of
replacing all readers and cards as well. Replacing or installing an access control system
has never been easier; the combination of the above-the-door installation, which
reduces cabling and labor time, with vast support of Wiegand formats makes VAX a
good choice for any access control upgrade.
Vicon’s VAX access control product currently supports 14 distinct Wiegand formats and
will continue to build out the amount of supported formats as needs arise.
26-bit Industry Standard
26-Bit HID, 26-Bit Cansec
32-Bit Kantech
33-Bit DSX
34-Bit HID
35-Bit Xceed
36-Bit Keyscan
36-Bit Vertex
37-Bit Xceed
37-Bit Fairway
37-Bit HID
40-Bit Hartmann
42-Bit VICON
Vicon also provides its own High-Security 42-bit format designed to work exclusively with our readers.
All supported formats are based upon request, so if you have come across a format that is currently not supported please contact Vicon and we will make every effort to include it.


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