VAX Did You Know ?- Using Crisis Levels is Important for Emergency Situations

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Using Crisis Levels is Important for Emergency Situations
In its simplest explanation, the use of a Crisis Level is to trigger and set the access control system to a higher degree of security based on an emergency or threatening situation.
Unfortunately, security risks have increased in the past couple of years and unspeakable tragedies have plagued the education system. These school attacks, along with many other security risks in other environments, are prime examples of why Crisis Levels are an important feature in access control.
The ability to quickly secure a facility by locking doors and applying new levels of access privilege groups to the cardholders in a single action in a quick, swift manner is what the VAX Crisis Level management is intended for.
Vicon’s VAX provides the system administrator up to 16 configurable levels of Crisis Mode and they are ranked sequentially. Any naming convention can be used but the default is color coded as follows:
Code GREEN (restore default or resume)
 Code RED
Each Crisis Level is configured to apply a different (and likely more secure) door state to all doors associated when the crisis level is activated. The typical action would be to set all doors to a level that is locked and secure and require some equivalent or higher credential presentation to be granted access, such as CARD Only, CARD or PIN, CARD and PIN or even to the extreme of a full LOCKDOWN (only cardholders set as a MASTER in their profile can get access).
You can find crisis levels under the red triangle exclamation point in the upper right hand
button menu.
In addition to the door settings you also set or assign Crisis Level for a cardholder. Essentially this means if you give a cardholder a Code YELLOW crisis level, they will still have access through any door that is at YELLOW or less, but if Code RED is activated as a higher level, that person will be denied access.
The Crisis Level can be triggered directly from the main interface of the software and can be applied to a full partition (collection of doors) or individually selected doors. The Crisis Level can also be triggered directly to a specific door via a configured mechanical trigger such as a button or switch. For multiple doors to be triggered mechanically by this method, each panel must be wired back to the same common button/switch.

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