ViconNet -- "4017 Storage DB Problem: Main DB Disk belongs to another site."

PROBLEM: On startup ViconNet gets a storage DB error message "4017 Main DB disk belongs to another site, recording will be disabled"


1: This may have occurred after an upgrade on a workstation that did not go well. The original storage database was not identified and upgraded during the upgrade process. You will receive the error message when ViconNet checks the storage files.

2: Settings in ViconNet were copied from one machine to another, resulting in a SITE-ID duplication or mismatch (see details below.)

3: Settings were deleted in ViconNet but the original DB folder were not deleted thus creating mismatch in SITE ID (Between the ID found in assistant.ini and StoreCfg.txt)

"Clean Start Method" *** THIS FIX DELETES ALL STORED DATA ***

1-Close ViconNet (Exit to OS)

2- Open task manager and stop "VNagent" under processes [if it is running]

3-Go to "C:\ViconNet\VNData\" and rename or delete the DB folder.
[NOTE: Check if the unit has more than 1 HDD as another storage db folder may be defined on a different drive under the same path. ]

4-After deletion, ViconNet should start correctly, check setup ' storage DB and make sure that ViconNet displays C: or any other letters which were originally part of the DB.

 Also attached is a that will automatically do the same thing as described above. .

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