ViconNet - Export to AVI fails - Unable to create export video

Eporting H264 to AVI fails, Export to MPEG4 works.

Details / Examples

Cameras recording in H.264 Format in ViconNet.

When exporting to AVI, CFN will occur " Unable to create export video, cannot convert non JPEG video type to AVI "

ViconNet cannot convert the H264 recording to AVI. This is not a bug but a property of the exporter in ViconNet.

Suggest use MPEG4 export which will work. NOTE: for playback of the Export, * VLC would need to be used.

Other options- not recommended but could be done if AVI export is ' required '

This requires a camera stream change - and changes in ViconNet, depending on the camera type being recorded.
If the AVI export is required, then the ViconNet recording format for the cameras has to be changed.

For the camera to support AVI export,

On the Nucleus go to Setup/Open Standard Cameras Vicon/Other tab
Set the Format in to MJPEG Format instead of H.264 (Providing the camera has an mjpeg format)

Overall Export to MPEG4 is preferred. The export is a smaller file size and provides the camera name etc in the export video.

NOTE: for playback of the MPEG4 Export, *VLC would need to be used since Windows may not support the playback.
* VLC is not provided by Vicon but is available on the Internet.

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