Using Exacq Edge requires NTP server for IQD5xx and IQM5xx cameras

When using the Exacq Edge application with the IQD5xx and IQM5xx cameras a network accessible NTP time server must be used.  

These two camera families do not have a battery backed up real-time clock so NTP must be used to provide a valid system time for the Edge application to record data.  If a NTP server has not been configured the camera time will revert to the Unix Epoch (January 1st, 1970) every time the system is restarted.

A NTP server can be specified either by configuring a static IP address in the Network->Advanced setup page or by including a NTP server in a DHCP response when the camera boots.

If the Exacq Edge client needs to be used in an environment that does not have an accessible NTP server, please use IQeye cameras that include a battery backed up real-time clock.  These cameras include the IQ76xx, IQA3xx, and the IQR5xx families.

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