How do I get an H.264 image in a Windows 7, 32 bit using Internet Explorer?

On 32 bit Windows systems, some customers may get a 'black box' where the image should be when using Internet Explorer and viewing the camera in H.264 mode.  Generally customers in this situation can see the camera image if the mode is switched to MJPEG, just not in H.264 mode.

The solution is to download a specific version of VLC and also ensure that the camera has the most recent IQeye firmware.


1.  If VLC has already been installed on the PC, a precautionary step will be to uninstall all versions and reboot the PC.

2.  Download version 2.0.5 of VLC. This will resolve the ActiveX plugin issues when using Windows 7 (x32) and Internet Explorer to display an H.264 stream from an IQEye camera.  The link is:

3.  If necessary, upgrade the firmware in the camera.  Camera firmware is located on the IQeye website here:

4.  If the problem persists, please contact the IQeye support team.


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