I can't view my cameras in Internet Explorer 11. Is IE 11 supported?

Internet Explorer 11 is supported with our current line of IQeye cameras.  Internet Explorer is not supported by older, discontinued models.

MODELS that support Internet Explorer 11:

IQ86x, IQ76x, IQA3x, IQMx, IQDx, IQ732, IQ832, IQ03x
Solution: upgrade camera firmware to version 3.6/5 or above.  

IQ85x, IQ80x, IQ81x, IQ75x, IQ71x, IQ70x, IQA1x, IQA2x
Solution: upgrade camera firmware to version 3.1/4.  

Camera firmware download site: http://www.iqeye.com/support/technical-downloads/firmware-downloads

MODELS that do not support Internet Explorer 11:

IQD4x, IQ04x, IQ5xx, IQ6xx, IQ301 and IQ302

Solution: use another browser or roll back Internet Explorer to version 10.

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