How to customize the streams configuration of a Alliance mini-dome or MX

In the web based user interface, the 'Setup > H264  > camera mode' offers a limited amount of options.

For instance, in a IQD31 camera, the options are:

  • H264 720P + MJPEG 720P
  • H264 720P + H264 480P
  • H264 720P + MJPEG 480P

What if you need a different configuration, for instance H264 720P + H.264 SIF (352x240) ?

That is possible!
Apart from the options offered in the web based user interface, you can  select various other camera modes.
You can set OID (camera mode) to a different value.
For instance, if you set OID to mode7
This will set the camera to deliver:

  • H.264 720p (1280x720) +  H.264 SIF (352x240) +  MJPEG (352x240 1FPS)

Now you can use the camera in the desired stream config H264 720P + H.264 SIF (352x240)

All possible camera modes for all models can be found in our API manuals, in section 10.2.1 "IQ732/IQ832/IQD3xx/IQM3xx modes of operation" on page 37.

You can set a specific camera mode by using the following in your browser:
http://x.x.x.x/set.oid?OidTB1.17.2.6=mode7   (Where x.x.x.x is your camera IP address)
The camera will ask for username/password if not already provided.

The camera mode will be preserved after a power-cycle or reboot.








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