How can I test if my IRC filter is moving? (Infra Red Cut filter)

Day/Night cameras have a movable Infra Red Cut filter (IRC filter) that is placed in front of the imager chip, right behind the lens.
In day mode, this filter is in place, and is needed to provide realistic color representation.
In night mode, this filter is removed, and the camera becomes more sensitive for low light scenes, and can benefit from IR illumination.
At night, usually the camera switches to black & white images, to eliminate the effect of the color distortion.

When a camera shows a pink image, this indicates that the IRC filter is stuck in the 'removed' position.
You will also see strange color aberrations, like green leaves of trees appearing to be purple.

You can test your IRC filter movement:

  • Go to the Setup > Advanced > Daynight Settings
  • Set the camera to At night use: color
  • Select alternatively Mode: forcenight and forceday for several times while looking at the image.
  • The image color tone should change fundamentally, because the the IRC filter moving back and forward.
  •  If the image stays just the same, the IRC filter is stuck in one position.
  • After the test, set the camera back to the normal setting: (Default At night use: b&w and Mode: Auto)

If the IRC filter is stuck in the 'removed' position, then the daylight images usually have a pink hue, and trees etc. appear purple.
If the IRC filter is stuck 'in place' the night performance of the camera is less. It will not be able to benefit from IR illumination.

It is important to use the most recent firmware for your camera, to eliminate any software related issues with the IRC filter.

Contact the IQeye support team if the camera does not behave as expected.



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