The Snapshot/AVI file I made from the IQeye Camera Live page is not in the saved folder. What happened?

This is not a camera related issue, it is actually a safety feature on some Microsoft operating systems, including Windows 7.

One solution is to run Internet Explorer as Administrator.  One way to do this is to locate the iexplore.exe file, right click and select the option to Run as administrator.  This file is usually located in this folder:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer

It may be necessary to restart Internet Explorer

Now snapshots and video clips captured on the Live page of the IQeye camera will be visible on the saved Windows folder location.  

IQinVision does not recommend any changes in the setting of IE or Microsoft Windows 7, this is just to illustration the cause of the problem.

We do not take any responsibility for changes in the Microsoft Windows 7 configuration or Internet Explorer.

For more details: “Understanding and Working in Protected Mode Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista”


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