How can I re-stream H.264 from my camera to my website?

There are several companies that provides streaming services for websites.

One of these companies is Click2Stream:
You fill in the H264 stream URL with rtsp://<camera-ip>

The purpose of this re-streaming service is that hundreds of visitors can pull the stream from the websites,
while the camera only has to deliver one single stream to the server.

If you embed the H264 stream directly in your webpage, the camera would have to deliver hundreds of stream, which requires too much resources.

However, for just one or two visitors at the same time, you can also embed the H264 directly in your webpage 
See below sample HTML code 

The audio is embedded in the H264 stream, so the browser, i.e. Internet Explorer must have a plug-in that can decode the H264 with audio.
VLC player is a free downloadable plug-in that works good with IQeye cameras.

Note that the below code is not camera specific. It is just generic HTML coding.

The camera just delivers the stream on, for instance, rtsp:// with audio in it.
Attached a sample HTML showing an IQeye cameras in H264 on a webpage.  
The audio will be on the PC speaker.

This code will also show the volume controls etc, when moving the mouse over the image,
this can be changed with <param name="Visible" value="0"> in the code below.

In the HTML code for the website, the VLC plug-in can be inserted as below:

<object type="application/x-vlc-plugin" pluginspage=""

    version="VideoLAN.VLCPlugin.2" id="vlc" width="480px" height="270px" events="True" classid="clsid:9BE31822-FDAD-461B-AD51-BE1D1C159921" >

       <param name="MRL" value="rtsp://" ref/>

       <param name="volume" value="100" />

       <param name="autoplay" value="1" />

       <param name="AutoLoop" value="1">

       <param name="Toolbar" value="1">

       <param name="Visible" value="1">

       <param name="StartTime" value="0">

       <param name="BackColor" value="0">

       <param name="FullscreenEnabled" value="-1">

       <param name="ExtentWidth" value="12700">

       <param name="ExtentHeight" value="7144">

       <param name="BaseURL" ref value="vlc.htm">






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