How do I update firmware in an IQinVision Camera?

It is very easy to update firmware in an IQinVision camera and only takes a few minutes.

To determine current firmware in the camera, check the security tab in the camera's configuration web pages.  The firmware will be listed in the lower left hand corner.  Make a note of it and compare it to the versions on our website in the Support | Technical Downloads |Firmware Downloads area.

The direct link to this page is here: 

 Locate the firmware version for your camera based on the model number.  NOTE:  If the wrong firmware version is selected, the camera will basically ignore it; this will not damage the camera.  In this case, return to the download site and locate the correct firmware to try again.

Here is a video tutorial on how to upload firmware: 

If firmware on multiple cameras is needed, see the TechTip titled "How do I upgrade IQeye camera firmware using IQmanager?"

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