VDR-4 & VDR-7 series clock jumped back to 2010

We have had a number of reports that the VDR-4 & VDR-7 Digital Recorders have had a problem with the clock jumping back to 2010 following the new year.
As not all units are affected it seems likely that the problem is only related to certain older versions of firmware. Updating the firmware and kernel should resolve the issue. Please follow the steps in the guide and ensure that you only use the firmware for the specific model that you have.



Links updated 25/04/18


1/18/17 =Update:

Below is more details on the upgrades provided by Neil in UK.

There are 3 possible methods of upgrading the VDR series:

  • Via USB stick - This is the normal method but VDR is a bit finicky over which sticks will work. Probably an older low capacity would be better. A external HDD will definitely not work. Files must be in root directory - not a folder.
  • Network - If the network is up and running you can update via the RAMS software.
  • TFTP - This is the most complicated method which uses a 3rd party communications program via the serial port of the VDR.  This may work if the other two methods have failed.  I have not personally used this last method.

< How to upgrade the VDR software via tftp>

1. Please download  tftpd32 program
 http://tftpd32.jounin.net/ ( http:/tftpd32.jounin.net/)
2. Please unzip the downloaded zipped file of tftpd32. Please execute tftpd32.exe
3. Please download the image file of the upgrade kernel and ramdisk, saves tftpd32 into the directory
4. Please links VDR and PC into the LAN cable and the serial cable.
5. Push “Enter” key after turns on VDR on hyper terminal. And then, Prompt appears “ Enter Password”.  
6. Press ENTER key to stop autoboot 0
7. Passwd : *********
8. correct password
9. =>
10. Enter “qkdqo3ehd” at password prompt, enter Prompt (=>) of  PPCBoot.
11. You can upgrade RAMDISK if you execute the following command on Prompt of PPCBoot.  
       In this case, DVR and PC have to link up by the Cross LAN cable.   For the PC side, tftpd32 program has to be executed.
       IP of PC, “” DVR supposes to get IP “”.

      You can upgrade RAMDISK from the following command
  •  => setenv ipaddr
  • => setenv gw
  • => setenv netmask
  • => setenv serverip
  • => tftp udr204rd_2.95a_ekj.bin;write ramdisk;reset

I have attached the picture for upgrading using tfpt for your reference.(I have translated Korean into English. Please only refer to the picture)   



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