Surveyor MKII - SN230 heater operation temperature

This KB notes the Surveyor MKII - SN230 PTZ camera heater operation temperatures.

This info is not in the specification.

Heater operation temps for the Surveyor MKII camera:

The simple answer on this is at about -1C / 30.2F of the outside / environment temperature the heater will start to work.

The more complete answer are related to a few factors as explained by Engineering.

1- The temperature inside of the dome is higher than the outside / environment temperature.

2- When the inside temperature drops to 15 C / 59F , the outside / environment temperature is then found to be around -1C / 30.2 F  and the heater inside of the dome will come on.

3- When the inside temperature reaches 20 C / 68 F the heater will shut off. 

4- Again, as the inside temperature drops gradually ( heater is off at this point )
and drops to 15C / 59F, the heater will come on. 

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