ViconNet Record Macro's - How to start & stop - Special Application

NOTE: ViconNet Record Macros can be started but not stopped by a button / sensor.

ViconNet has no options to do this via dry contact directly to the camera or any other ViconNet device.

1. ViconNet - An option would be use our new VN-Keypad (USB directly to the NVR that is doing recording).

Refrence this Manual

Macros must be named with a number in ViconNet if they are to be recalled by
the keypad. The number can be from 1-999.To recall macros programmed at
the Kollector/NVR/WS, enter the macro number via the numeric keypad and
press the START MACRO button; press STOP MACRO to halt the macro.
Macros must be previously defined.


2. Alternately the only way to start and stop a recording macro is with the use of external PLC controller  Kramer device. This is not provided by Vicon.
** Kramer Button:
This unit is NOT a dry contact unit, it has a serial output that can be programmed to send an ACSI string on the push of a button.
Essentially, this is a two button PLC No dry contact (although this is programmable as well).

You need to get the Kramer programming software (should be with the unit or from their web site) and program each button to send a valid STARTMACRO and STOPMACRO command to the Kollector. The unit will connect to the Kollector serial port and PLC will run on the Kollector.

When a button is pushed, a start macro message will be sent via RS232 and start the macro, same for stop.

Vendor Website

** Details from Dealer that set this up**

- Attached is the Kramer Driver File where  we set up a start recording macro on button 1 and a stop recording macro on button 2..
- Wiring from Kramer button Tx,Rx,GND  to a standard (Female) DB-9 with 232 communication protocols
- On the DVR end the Kramer wires to a USB/Serial adapter and plugs into the DVR USB driver..( May have to download    USB/serial adapter driver off website) we used a Belkin adapter. 
- Then in the DVR "set-up menu" Open Control Drivers and add a "PLC.DLL" attach the correct port # and baud of 9600 
- Next set up macro for start recording (check unlimited duration) and assign cameras/MICs to be associated with this macro. When you click the button to start the macro you will physically see macro start in the macro scheduler window, and vise versa….


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