DVD Burning issues in VN-WS, VN-NUC & VLR Client units

Recommended to implement this procedure only if you are experiencing this problem on the following models: VN-WS, VN-NUC & VLR Client-2


Customer reporting issues with burning archives to the DVD drive in units with base GA-B150N-GSM M.B. and slim DVD LG GTC0A drives.

 Unit is having problems with the DVD burning files in Windows that present multiple issues:

1. Burning through Windows:

 The DVD drive stops responding, the DVD drive is no longer present in Windows and the DVD drive does not eject the disc until the unit is restarted.

2. Archive through ViconNet:

 When attempting to create archives to the DVD in ViconNet, the burn-in process popup message notes as “SUCCESSFUL BURN” and DVD drive responds correctly. However, ViconNet does not eject the disc and the archive fails.

See attached PDF for complete information.

Note that the actual driver must be downloaded from: 



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