Synectics control of a Vicon Surveyor Dome

Some legacy Vicon CCTV systems use 3rd party control software which means that the convention method of gaining access to the Dome menus do not work. In the case of Synectics please see below:


To access the Dome menu

Press PGM 45329 and press Enter.

The prompt appears "Save to Preset number?"

Type 32 press enter.

The on screen menu should now appear.

Menu Selection

Scroll through the menu's with the joystick.
Nested menu selection is achieved by pressing the Wash button.
Menu items can be changed by moving the joystick.
Save changes using Wash.
Exit menus using by pressing Preset 32 enter.


Synectics* Auto iris return is achieved by pressing PGM IO or PGM IC
NB Some versions of the Surveyor Dome do not have lens aperture auto iris but achieve pseudo iris control by altering the video level. Auto iris return will not work on these domes, as the dome is in effect never in manual iris. IO and IC merely set the light level at which the camera's "iris" will limit the scene.
For the full instructions for the dome configuration please refer to the relevant
VICON documentation.


Exit the set up mode by pressing Preset 32 enter.

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