VALERUS - adding HDExpress (non L3 / P3 versions)

For Valerus to be able to connect to older original HD Express units such as:

( per sample in Vicon’s demo rack )

HDXPRESS-16    (no L3 or P3 in the model #)

P/N 1017867

S/N 20122

Mcode 4723-090716


The following setup is needed.

1) Use the following string: rtsp://  to add successfully to Valerus.  

/second6  is camera 7 in HDExpress. Adding other channels would be /second0 for camera1  etc.

2) Change the stream resolution to 704x480. in the streams in Valerus.

3) Change the "camera streaming" in Valerus for each added channel to TCP.

4- Additionally, in the HDExpress unit I changed the Web port to 80, RTSP port to 554 (default is 8080/5554)

5- Assuming the ADMIN / 1234 is used in HDExpress, the same would be used for adding it to Valerus.


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